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Support Triumph and Transformation


Thank you for making an impact!

The USA Climbing Foundation seeks to provide critical support to American climbers and programs. Your donations can help USA Climbing seek innovative ways to host competitions, expand educational outreach and grow the sport while prioritizing health and safety.

With the assistance of donors, USA Climbing seeks to bring this transformative power to as many participants as possible through efforts such as:

  • Increasing access and inclusiveness for underrepresented participants of all ages
  • Educating coaches, athletes, parents, routesetters and others, such as for positive coaching methods, training techniques, physical and mental health and safety, and competition rules
  • Growing the sport at the recreational level
The Foundation also seeks to assist USA Climbing in empowering high-performance athletes in our Elite, Paraclimbing, Youth, and Collegiate Series through efforts such as:
  • Assisting with the costs of elite athlete training, travel, health care, and equipment
  • Building and operating National Training Center facility
  • Commemorating leaders and champions and assisting in subsequent life transitions
  • Nurturing a pipeline for high performance in the Youth, Paraclimbing, and Collegiate Series
Significant financial resources are required each year to prepare our elite climbers for World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic Games. Costs such as for equipment, travel, and medical support can be overwhelming for athletes and their families trying to balance training and competing with the demands of school or work.